Looking for a photographer who is the perfect balance of fun and traditional?

 I promise you- I’m not your average wedding photographer. 

 I know when to just let things happen and be candid, as well as when to step in and give some direction to keep the day running as smoothly as possible.

Don’t know what to do with your hands? I got you.

Think you’re awkward AF in front of the camera? I’ll have you laughing, feeling loose, relaxed and comfortable in no time.

Boring ass shots you’ve seen a thousand times? Not happening here.

The line “give me your biggest fakest laugh”?……. Will never come out of my mouth. Promise.

Having done over 300 weddings in a span of 9 years. This won’t be my first rodeo. Years of preparation and dedication, are all served up with a chill, genuine vibe.

I’m alllll about  having a good time but also know when to be traditional to keep your family happy.

You just worry about having the time of your life while partying your faces off and I’ll make sure you remember it with the most badass photos you’ve ever seen!

Located in Detroit, MI but well versed in traveling and am more than available for destination weddings!