• -Kurtis and Ann- |Downtown Detroit, MI Couples Photographer|

    These two are too cute for the 300 words google says I need for it to get any kind of attention… lol However, I will say they are one of my most favorite couples to photograph <3 Absolutely adorable and cute and SO in love… A photographers dream, really!! This week I will have a blog post up of Ann and all about the bad ass boss babe she is! (spolier alert: she is one heck of a wedding planner here in Detroit!!)

  • -For those of you who don’t know me- |Metro-Detroit Wedding Photographer|

    For those of you who don’t know me, (hahahahaha if you don’t catch the joke you haven’t been  to enough weddings!) My name is Jessica. Though, when I got older I rebelled against my parents (yeah it was THAT big of a deal) and dropped the -ica and just stuck with Jess. I will tell you right now, I am WAY cooler on the internet. Because I am pretty awkward in public. I totally have to eat something as soon as my feet hit the…

  • -Cam and Danielle- |Northville, MI Engagement Photographer|

    I met Danielle years ago… right when I first started my photography journey. She was gracious enough to let me take her pictures and  was one of my very first “photoshoots”! Even when I had no idea what I was doing!!! ( I had to dig deep inmate my archives for this !!) I am so happy and grateful to be going to Chicago this September for your guys wedding! You and Cam are the cutest and I am SO happy for you!

  • -The BEST of 2017- |Michigan Photographer|

    I am not typically one to do these types of posts…. But, after looking back on my 2017 season… HOLY EFFING SHIT, how could I NOT?!?!!! 2017 started out ROUGH for me personally. My husband was in a serious motorcycle accident in January. Turning my whole word upside down. It was HARD. I cannot express my gratefulness for my photography community that pulled together and helped us literally survive. You all have NO idea just now much we needed that. And we can never say…