Traveling is my favorite thing to do… and when I get to travel to shoot weddings it makes it that much better!

Back over Thanksgiving weekend I got to get a break from the cold MI weather and fly to Orlando, FL to shoot a beautiful 2 day Pakistani/American wedding.

Shooting weddings from different cultures is another favorite thing of mine to do.

I LOVE learning about different traditions and seeing the way weddings are done from around the world.


I’m all innnnnnnnn!!!!

I simply ADORE seeing brides in other colors than white.

I ADORE seeing traditions being handed down from generations to generations.

And I ADORE seeing two families from wildly different background coming together to celebrate a beautiful union of two people in love.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy this amazing array of colors and fun!


Day 2

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  1. Hello! I am getting married June 5 and 6 in a traditional Pakistani wedding. I was wondering if you are able to still book events and if I can get a quote! Thank you!

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