3-4 weeks. I can rush them for you- if you just can’t wait!! There is an additional rush fee of $1000 to have them within 1-2 weeks. However, you will have sneak peeks up within 24 hours of your wedding day and a blog post within a week or two!

Simply put? No. However, you will get the best of the best. I promise you that. I will go through and eliminate all of the blurry, half blinking, closed eye, unflattering images. And will deliver the very the best photos from the batch. There is also no limit on the amount of photos you will receive. If the picture is good? It will be properly edited and delivered to you. I do not withhold good usable images from you!!

This would hold up my editing process and work flow by weeks, if not months. So the answer is no. This is where you have trust the professional you have hired. Just like when you go out to eat you don’t ask the chef to inspect the ingredients they are about to use to ensure you are getting the best of the best. Trust me- I got you! Again, I promise I am not withholding anything from you or hiding any good images.

I do not release images that are unedited. They are not a proper representation of my brand and final product you hired me to produce 😉

Once they are edited I will upload them to an online gallery that is backed up for 10 years!!!!! I will email you a link and through that you can download the images, share the link with anyone you wish as well. There is also a free smart device app you can add to your phones, tablets, iPads, etc. It is also linked to my professional lab where you can order professional quality prints and products! I stopped doing USBs because just like our dear friend the floppy disc, its outdated and new computers don’t come with ports anymore (mine doesn’t even have one!!).

Yes, I do! They are available separately and you can request the price sheet for them if you would like!

I don’t believe having a meeting at Starbucks or the local bar with a drawn out conversation is a true representation of who I am or what I have to offer you. I am not a sales person and meetings like that feel forced and like a sales pitch. I want you to love my work from the second you see it, I want that to sell you on me! I am, however, more than happy to jump on the phone or a FaceTime call with you before we move forward.  My time is reserved for my booked clients and being 100% available for them. So once you book, I am more than happy to meet up for that coffee or a drink!

Unpopular opinion here- I think they are a waste of time and money. So no, I do not. I will tell you why.

They are 100% unreliable. I cannot tell you how many posts I see a week from photographers freaking out because the second they hired for the coming weekend canceled. It’s not their business so they aren’t as invested as the lead is in your day. Also, whatever they are shooting I am going to go and shoot myself anyways to make sure it was done the way I want and like it shot. When I used to work with them I would only use about 100 images for theirs, if that. I have just learned how to structure a time-line for a wedding day so I am able to rock it out solo. Which I have done for close to 200 weddings. Again, just my personal opinion and two cents. Full transparency.


About 50% of my weddings are travel weddings. And I LOVE every second of it. If you would like me to be there for your wedding but are not in the Metro-Detroit area- don’t worry about it! Send me a message and let’s figure it out! 

This year (2020) will be my 10th wedding season… HOLY CRAP!!! So, 10 years.

By clicking here! I require a $1000 retainer and a signed contract to reserve your date.