Meet the Artist

 My name is Jessica. But you can call me Jess.

* I am a mom to FOUR beautiful daughters

* I am married to the most incredible hulk of a man on the planet

*I happen to have one of the most needy Great Danes alive-his name is Walter, a spunky German Shepard pup named Astrid who does what the hell she wants and an awesome asshole cat named Binx

*One of the most interesting things about me is that my last name growing up was really Bacon. No, I’m not related to Kevin…. but for the entirety of 9th grade I told people he was my cousin just so they would stop asking me!

* I firmly believe that love is love and I celebrate it ALL and welcome ALL walks of life

* I’m not a rapper but I tend to cuss a lot haha #sorrynotsorry

* I will always choose a Bud Light over a fancy IPA any day.. 

*I once met the remaining 4 Jackson 5 brothers in an elevator in downtown Detroit. And I almost passed out. 

*Chinese food and strawberry margaritas are my favorite combo- ever.

*I am always down for a good food truck adventure

My idea of romance can be summed up in a poem from one of my favorite movies:

jessicabeamgard (1 of 1)-5jessicabeamgard (1 of 1)-5