My name is Jessica. But you can call me Jess.
 I am a mom to FOUR beautiful daughters
 I am married to the most incredible hulk of a man on the planet
I happen to have one of the most needy Great Danes alive-his name is Walter;  and an awesome asshole cat named Binx
Fun fact my last name growing up was really Bacon. No, I’m not related to Kevin…. but for the entirety of 9th grade I told people he was my cousin just so they would stop asking me
 I’m not a rapper but I tend to cuss a lot haha #sorrynotsorry
 I will always choose a Bud Light over a fancy craft beer any day.
I once met the remaining four Jackson 5 brothers in an elevator in downtown Detroit. And I almost passed out. 
As much as I LOVE being boujee with designer clothes and shoes- I equally love getting out and muddy on our quads
Chinese food and strawberry margaritas are my favorite combo- ever.