Meet the Artist

For those of you who don’t know me

(see what I did there?!)

 My name is Jessica Robertson.

* I have three beautiful daughters

* I am married to the most incredible hulk of a man on the planet

*I happen to have one of the most beautiful great dane puppies alive-his name is Walter

* I have 7 brothers and sisters

* I firmly believe that love is love and I celebrate it ALL and welcome ALL walks of life

* I am very outgoing and lack a filter when it comes to things coming out of my mouth!

* I love cheap beer. I also happen to be slightly addicted to Starbucks coffee

*80% of my tee-shirts have funny sayings on them

* I wear all of my tattoos (and there are a lot of them) with pride

* My hair color changes quicker than Michigan weather

(If the last two statements are a problem, then you should stop reading now. Because the answer is NO, I will not change my hair color to “normal” and NO I will NOT cover up my tattoos)

So let’s be badasses together- hit me up! Lets chat, grab a coffee or a beer and tell me alllllll about yo’self!!!!

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