My name is Jessica. But you can call me Jess.

* I have three beautiful daughters with #4 on the way! (Mary-Jane, Madison, Aurora and Freyja)

* I am married to the most incredible hulk of a man on the planet

*I happen to have one of the most needy Great Danes alive-his name is Walter, a spunky German Shepard pup named Astrid who does what the hell she wants and an awesome asshole cat named Binx

*One of the most interesting things about me is that my last name growing up was really Bacon

* I firmly believe that love is love and I celebrate it ALL and welcome ALL walks of life

* I am very outgoing but lack a filter when it comes to things coming out of my mouth! (I’m not a rapper but I tend to cuss a lot haha)

* I love cheap beer. I also happen to be slightly addicted to Starbucks coffee. Black iced coffee. None of that fancy shit.

*Margaritas are my love language and pizza is my soulmate
* I literally have a meme or gif for everything (don’t believe me, just text or email me!!)

* I wear all of my tattoos (and there are a lot of them) with pride

* My hair color changes quicker than Michigan weather (other than winter.. because that shit NEVER ends)

My idea of romance can be summed up in a poem from one of my favorite movies.

jessicabeamgard (1 of 1)-5jessicabeamgard (1 of 1)-5