OK, so here’s the deal. If you’ve made it this far you must still be interested in my work. Or at least curious.

I am sure you have seen the term “badass” all over my website. Let me shed some light on that. Because I would hate for someone to think I am not for them just because they don’t have tattoos, colored hair, ride motorcycles or drink whiskey straight out of the bottle without flinching (geeez I cant even do that!!).

Or even because they might feel they are “too normal” or “boring” for me.

NEVER think that!!! When I say badass, I don’t use it as a way to describe the only kind of clients I want to work with.

I use it as a way to describe the experience you will have when you hire me for your wedding!

And also,

With that being said…..

Like what you see?


(PLEASE, if you are in LOVE with my work and would love no one else other than me to capture your wedding day and I happen to be above your budget. Please reach out to me. I understand everyone has a budget. Not everyone has parents helping pay for their wedding. I can work with you, if the situation is warranted. Just let me know in your email and we can chat. Everyone deserves to have beautiful wedding photos they will love for years to come.)