There is nothing more perfect than finding the one person you cannot live without. Your soulmate. Your truest, best friend. The one who sets fire to your existence. 

Shout about it from the rooftops! Embrace it! Be proud to be this happy!

Because out of everyone on this earth- you found each other and decided,

no one else but you. 

I would love nothing more than to document this undeniable, one of kind connection between the two of you. Whether we adventure somewhere incredible or stay

nestled in the intimacy of your own home. 

This moment only happens once. Let’s make something real.

Let’s create something unforgettable.

Though my approach to photography is a little different,

I have just enough tradition to keep everyone happy. 😉

Also, I don’t believe you should have to wait 8+ weeks for your wedding photos either.

ALL of my weddings are edited and delivered within 2 weeks of your wedding date.



Though I am located in Detroit, MI I am more than willing and able to travel in and out of the USA.

Destination weddings are always a blast and make for some incredible memories.

Whether its a full, huge wedding or just the two of you in the woods or on a beach, I want to be there to document it for you and your future generations.

If you’re ready, I am waiting- contact me today for more information!