*** 50 Dandelions ***

The first time I laid eyes on this little girl, I fell in love with her. 
More than words can describe. 
When I became an Aunt for the first time, I knew my life just got a whole lot better!!
(Now, I am going to be an Aunt again in September, I cannot wait!)
I got to have a sleepover with my niece last night. 🙂
I am so blessed to be able to document her growing up. She’s 2 months old already…. I can’t believe it!
In light of these pictures I shared this story last night on my FB page but I’ll share it again now that all of the pictures are here.
When all of us Bacon kids were growing up, we would ask our mom and dad over and over again if we could go barefoot (because here in MI if there is no snow its barefoot weather!).
Every year my dad would say, “You can go barefoot when each of you pick me 50 dandelions.” 
With 8 kids, that’s a LOT of dandelions…. 
Well, since I planned on doing pictures with my niece for my sister’s first mother’s day and since there are dandelions everywhere you look. It only made sense to do her pictures in them!!! 
So, Marissa, Happy 9early) 1st Mother’s Day! 
(ps. dad, can we go barefoot now?!)

This one’s for you Papa!! 


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