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This past weekend, my dad turned 50 years old.

And he’s pretty much the best dad in the history of ever.


2015 for me is all about dedicating my time to my family.

Because in the end, they are the only ones who are there for you. No matter what.

Getting in front of the camera more and being in the photos.

Instead of just taking them.

See its not always about getting the best picture,

but more about just getting the picture in the first place.

For the Bacon family, last year was full of so much heart ache, growth and change.

But it has made us all closer than we already were.


Growing up with 7 siblings wasn’t always easy.

Ask any one of us…

Actually I don’t think it was ever “easy”!

There’s always someone who is mad at someone else.

At least 2 that aren’t speaking to one another.

3 that are mad at each other for “borrowing” the others clothes without asking…..

and not giving them back.

1 that just kind of does their own thing.

 and 8 who all have their own opinions about EVERYTHING.

But there is not one of us who would trade it for the world.

Because, let me tell you….. it’s ok for us to pick on one another, but if anyone else does it….

you have 7 other bigger, badder siblings to deal with.

Nothing brings us Bacon siblings together faster than knowing one of us needs help…

Including our father.


He is our rock.

The anchor that keeps us grounded.

The light that shines when life is closing in around us.

He’s always been there with a hug for us,

whether it was just because or to hold us up when we needed it.

And now,

He is the one who needs it… and all 8 of us made sure it happened this past Saturday.

He had no idea we were all going to be there…. with all of his grand kids!


So, the next time someone asks you to be in a picture,

don’t worry about what you are wearing or how you look.

Just be in the moment and in the picture….

Because, to you it may just be a picture.

But to someone else, that picture is the thing that keeps them going.

That picture reminds them that no matter what they are going through, it’s worth it.


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