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I don’t think that pregnancy get more beautiful then this!! 
   Kylee sure has the pregnancy “glow” as she comes to end of this journey. 
She and her husband, Dan, (who was not able to join us this evening because he was on duty) are SUPER excited to welcome their first baby, Brayden Kenneth on June 15th ( which happens to be the day before my birthday!). 
After a day of rain and thunderstorms- we were so relieved to see that the sky had cleared and the sun came out just in time for our shoot! Though, both Kylee and I were prepared to play in the rain for pictures!

Since little Brayden’s daddy was on duty this evening, his beautiful Grandma stepped in. This is Grandma’s 7th grand baby!!

37 weeks!!!

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Out takes from tonight!

 Mommy about fell off the horse!
Measuring the height of her belly!


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