-things are changing around here-


Well, its 2016..

I am sure we are all sick of seeing the “new year, new me” mantra from everyone…

I’ll try not to make this into one of those things.

But in 2016, things are going to change.

Its about to get real up in here.

I am going to lift the veil and let people know the real me. raw. unedited. and in your face.

Yes, I am a business woman.

Yes, I know I have to maintain a certain amount of professionalism.

But I am really sick of having to keep up this personality that my life is great and perfect.

First off: my life is farrrrrr from perfect.

In this industry we are programmed to sell rainbows and butterflies that sprinkle glitter on your eyelashes. We are programmed to present ourselves as perfectly styled, well oiled machines, who fit into this J Crew or Urban Outfitters cookie cutter look in fear of “limiting our market”.

Which is cool for some people.. But I’m good on that.

I swear. a lot.

I like to drink beer.

I have tattoos and my lip pierced.

My hair is sometimes funky colors.

And I am 110% politically incorrect.

Whats the difference? Why now after 4 years of business am I just now coming to this realization?

Because I woke up one day and realized- I no longer give a shit what I look like to my fellow photographers even to potential clients.

If you are going to judge me off of the way I look. Im not for you and there is someone out there who is.

Your pictures- My art.

That’s what I give a shit about.

When you meet me- I want you to meet ME. Not what the industry and people are telling me to be to ensure your business. In fear of “scaring you away.”

I want to meet YOU! The real you.

I cannot wait to hear about your dream day!

Whether its to the man of your dreams or the woman of your dreams.

LOVE IS LOVE around here, folks! and we embrace it all.

In 2016 I am embracing the fact that I CAN have purple hair, tattoos, drop the F-bomb and STILL be professional and run a business.

After all, my business is what I do. Its not who I am.

I am that photographer who forgets her camera at home for family functions.

Still uses her iPhone to take pictures of her own children.


All that matters is: I am documenting your lives in the most badass way imaginable.

So, if you want the most badass pictures – why not hire a badass photographer?!



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