Why film?

I get asked often, why shoot film? Digital is so much easier and faster.

Well, film is a lost art. Anyone can pick up a digital camera and become a “photographer” over night. Especially around the holidays. However, when you shoot film, it takes a true artist. You have to see the light and shadows and plan your limited frames accordingly. There is no, pushing the shutter and firing off 100+ images hoping one or two will turn out.

Film is poetic. Film is romantic. Film is intimate. Film is incredibly timeless and simply breathtaking.

Film takes time, there is no rush while shooting with it. It evokes an appreciation for the moments you are using it for that is indescribable.

This is why  I will be incorporating film into my sessions.

More and more as time goes on.




FAQ about using film:

Will I get digital copies? Yes. Once my film is sent in and developed at my lab, they send me back scanned digital copies that I download and send to you.

How do you know if the pictures turned out? With many years of being a photographer, I am confident in my skills and my ability to deliver the best quality photographs to you. Though, keep in mind there are some variables that are out of my control.

Will I have to wait a long time to receive/see my film photographs? I do have to send film out to a professional lab for it to be developed and wait for them to send me the files. It shouldn’t be any longer than a normal digital gallery during the busy season. It’s typically 7-10 business days to ship the rolls out and the lab to receive them and develop them.


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