No words have ever been truer.

I’ve never been “cool”

I’ve never “fit in”

I was always the weird kid who wore all black and had funky colored hair….

Wait…. not much has changed has it?!

In my industry we all are surrounded by white, light, sparkly, butterfly kisses on your forehead, type things.

Which is beautiful! Don’t get me wrong, my first wedding was like that and it was a dream.

But recently it was brought to my attention that a wedding which is “different” from the above stated description is not always so welcomed.

It hit me like a hard smack across the face.

Because as I described my own wedding that I am in the process of planning to a fellow wedding photographer in the industry saying how, at one  time, I had considered hiring them to shoot my big day. Their response?  They told me they wouldn’t have as  it wasn’t their style to shoot because:

“I liked that dark and moody shit”…………

Damn straight.



However, I also like that pretty, princess, white, fluffy shit! (what girl doesn’t?!)

With that being said, I don’t believe every wedding needs to be the same fairytale-dream-wedding.

Make them unique. Since everyone’s definition of a fairytale is different.

Don’t want a white dress? Don’t wear one! Mine is black. (shocking, I know)

Don’t want a church, hall, or barn? Dont do it! (my location is top secret but you will die when you see it!)

Taking those words to heart, I began to look at a few “big name” wedding photographer’s websites.

As well as wedding blogs and magazines.

And you know what? they ALL looked the same.

Which, hey, if you’re into that- kudos to you!

But, what I hope my future and current clients find with me is- variety!

I’m not afraid to be different.

I can shoot and enjoy a pretty princess wedding just as much as I can shoot and enjoy one that is not.

Send me all of your white, fluffy, dreamy weddings!

But, also- send me your “different” ones.

Give me the outcasts, your weirdos, your nerds, your same-sex couples, your goths.

Don’t be pushed into thinking you need the “normal” wedding if you don’t want it.

You are welcomed here with open arms!

Let’s celebrate your day together.

Whether its with lots of white, shiny fluff, and butterflies that sprinkle glitter all over the place or if it’s with skulls and crossbones.

Whether you are wearing a crown fit for a princess or crown made of hand picked wild flowers.

Or whether you are wearing a $20k dress or one you found on the clearance rack at Salvation Army.

Let’s embrace the love. All of it. All kinds.

If you want “dark and moody shit”- I got you covered.

If you want light airy pretty princess pictures- I’ve also got you covered.

Variety. We like that around here!




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