With everything that has been going on the last year, I cannot tell you how much more the phrase “family first” has become more and more relevant.

To each and everyone of us.

These people. My people.

Are the best.

Everyone always hears me talking about my family and how much I adore my siblings, dad, nieces and nephews.

(No matter how much we annoy each other at times!)

Words cannot express just how much I love my family.

All we have been through this past year.

All we have yet to go through… Just makes us stronger and brings us closer.

Us Bacon’s, are a tough bunch.

We’ve got this. And we’ve got each other.

Because, you mess with one Bacon and you’ve got the rest of us to deal with!

Ps. I also just so happen to have the best looking family around 😉

DSC_2551BaconsDSC_2551DSC_25511untitled DSC_2556BaconsDSC_2556DSC_25562untitled DSC_2557BaconsDSC_2557DSC_25573untitled DSC_2561BaconsDSC_2561DSC_25614untitled DSC_2564BaconsDSC_2564DSC_25645untitled DSC_2568BaconsDSC_2568DSC_25686untitled DSC_2571BaconsDSC_2571DSC_25717untitled DSC_2577BaconsDSC_2577DSC_25778untitled DSC_2578BaconsDSC_2578DSC_25789untitled

this is what it’s really like trying to get all of these people to cooperate for a picture!!

So, when I tell my clients- to relax its perfectly normal when no one knows what to do or wants to cooperate. I mean it!!! DSC_2585BaconsDSC_2585DSC_258510untitled DSC_2587BaconsDSC_2587DSC_258711untitled DSC_2600BaconsDSC_2600DSC_260012untitled DSC_2601BaconsDSC_2601DSC_260113untitled


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