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As many of you know I got to get away this past weekend and escape to my parents house up north. 
While I was up there I was able to attend 2 of my younger brothers football games and see them kick some butt! lol (not that I have a biased opinion or anything but they are GREAT players)
I am the oldest of 8 children and living so far away its hard to get up there all of the time. But when I do get a chance I cannot tell you how happy I am. 🙂
During my visit my mom asked me to do some football pictures of my brothers Noah (16) and Ezekiel (13). Of course I couldn’t resist. 
Here are 2 of my 3 brothers. 

I believe he was saying his signature phrase “I’m sexy and I know it” here!

Honestly, if you looked like this would YOU wear a shirt?!

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