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Recently, I visited with my great-grandma.

Naturally while we were watching some of her great-great grandchildren play,

we started reminiscing about how the holidays were when all of us were younger.

Soon she started tearing up, sighed and said softly

“See, Jessica, all I am left with are my memories.”


Which ones?

The ones where all of us cousins squished onto the loveseat and were forced to stare at the camera smiling? or the ones where we were running around, playing and laughing?

I guess it doesn’t matter… But I know which memories I want to keep with me and the ones I want to give my great-grandma.

The ones that aren’t often captured on camera anymore, but instead on our phones.

After all pictures aren’t always about the ‘cheeeeeese’ smile.

It’s about capturing moments that will never happen again.

Ones you want to remember, just how they happened.

As a mother and a photographer I want to give you these memories that will last forever.

I want you to look at these pictures when your baby is graduating from high school

and be taken back to that moment when you were snuggling them in the rocking chair.

Back to those moments when they still wanted to sit on your lap and have you read them their favorite story.

Or when you all were enjoying your favorite activity.

I want to capture your every day life with your babies, children and families.

I want to give you something tangible to hold, feel and look at.

Not just a digital copy of pictures, but good old fashion prints.

2015 I want to really focus on this type of Lifestyle Photography.

Plan a day of what you all love to do as a family and I will blend into the background and take pictures of it. Whether it be baking cookies, building blanket forts or playing games.

No stressing over the perfect outfits, wear your PJs if you want to!

It doesn’t have to be a big event.

It doesn’t have to be perfect.

Its just has to be you guys.

I want to be there… for you… and your families memories.

As a mother, I crave these types of photos.

I know you do too.





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