Is a verb.

It’s all you need.


February is notorious for its “love holiday”

So, there is no better time to promote love.


Some may agree with me and some may not…

If you are in the group of the later, feel free to move along, and say nothing.

Love is love.

Simply put, and I support love wholeheartedly.

This month I want to promote just that:



LGBT community come to me…

Let’s show the world your love for the one you are with.

The one who means the world to you.

The one you hold close.


This month,

February 2015,

I will be offering 15 FREE photo shoots for same sex couples.

Let me help tell your love story, let me help you capture your love.

jessicabeamgard (1 of 1)-23Send me a message for more info regarding these photo shoots!!!


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