{ Mommy and Me }

Courtney and Drew were such a joy to shoot this past evening. The mommy-daughter love between them is so evident, they should be the poster-models for it!
 Drew cracked me up the whole time! We bribed her with candy- then she came back with a counter offer of “I want to wear a tutu and pretty shoes, then I will smile”. Sounded pretty good to me!
   She is such a little diva and it didn’t take her long to notice and inform me that I was in dire need of a mani-pedi. Being a such a sweet heart she even offered to do it for me! 
   Side note: How CUTE is her name?? Drew, I LOVE it!! 
  Here is Drew and her mommy.

 Dinosaur face!^^^

 See?!?!? I told you she was a DIVA!

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