Moms and Dads, I feel your pain!

There is an idea out there,

that just because I am a photographer- my children must cooperate and let me take incredible pictures of them all of the time!

Yes, if we lived in a perfect world made out of cotton candy and gumdrops with rainbow unicorns and glitter covered flowers……


This is why I am so patient and understanding during your photo sessions

when your children are less than cooperative with you.

This is also why I still encourage you to get family pictures taken-

because I know what its like!!!

Here is a little insight to a recent spring time photoshoot with my own two daughters!

See if you recognize any of these faces and situations! lol

jessicabeamgard (1 of 1)-6

The classic “little sister choke out”jessicabeamgard (1 of 1)-5

Typical pouting facejessicabeamgard (1 of 1)-4

The “I’m so over this”jessicabeamgard (1 of 1)-3

The legendary “if you dont smile you wont get ice cream”jessicabeamgard (1 of 1)-2

And the ever classic “smile nicely”jessicabeamgard (1 of 1)-7Resulting in… THIS!

I told you it was worth it…

So now that winter is behind us and the beauty of spring has sprung-

book your family session today!!!

I promise, you will thank yourself later.


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