}{ Muddles and Puddles }{

Today, my youngest turned 3…. 3!!! I cant get over how fast time flies. 
Seems like just yesterday I was several weeks over due and more than ready to pop!
Then, finally after much anticipation and hard work the midwife handed me my little 9lb 4oz baby girl-
Madison June
Ever since then she has always marched to the beat of her own drum and done things on her own time. 
( guess I should have seen that one coming!)
She is my little ball of energy, my daredevil, my strong willed, always singing and dancing little girl. 
I have been trying for weeks to get some decent pictures of her, since she doesnt love the camera as much as her big sister. So after a few days of rain and me telling her to stay out of the puddles, I decided to give in and let her have some fun!! 
She was SO happy to play in the “muddles” (mud puddles) and the puddles (the not mud puddles).
What more could a three year old ask for?!

Thats a wrap!!! 

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