(( Pride ))

With 2013 out with a bang, 2014 is coming in like a storm! (literally) 
As many of you know, I have proudly opened the doors to my very first photography studio.
In Detroit, MI.
Yes, you read that right. 
Anyone who has met myself or my family knows that Detroit pride runs deep with us. 
There is no other place like this city in the world. 
Sure, we have had our trials and are still in our “bad times,” due to many years of 
terrible mismanagement and heartbreaking leadership. Don’t always believe what the media says about this city, please.
There are plenty of good things about her and everyday she gets stronger.

I have traveled to a lot of places, visited many cities across the US and no where else
have I encountered a people with such PRIDE for their city like I have in Detroit. 
Growing up in a small country town, I always knew I was destined for a big city.
I had dreams of living in Manhattan, LA or even Chicago. 
Don’t get me wrong, living in anyone of those cities would be AH-mazing!
But walking the streets of Detroit is where I feel I am home. 
You would have to live here to know the feeling of Opening Day, where a whole city shuts down for a baseball game. Not just any baseball game, but the first home game of the Detroit Tigers! 
To sit under the stars for a summer concert at DTE.
To freeze in sub-zero weather in the snow and ice tailgating for a Lion’s game. 
To huddle in shoulder to shoulder in Hart Plaza to watch the fireworks over the Detroit River.
The anticipation of bringing the Red Wings bringing the cup home to Hockey Town. 
To experience the music.
The food.
The cars. 
The movement. 
The love. 
The pride. 

I may not be “from Detroit” but I am here now and I am here to stay. 
I am proud to be part of the rebuild of this magnificent city.
Pride for Detroit is what I will always have. 
Pride for Detroit is what I will always feel.

I am beyond excited to see what adventures 2014 will bring for my business.
I am also ecstatic about having you all come and visit me at the studio to capture some beautiful photos!

(All photo credit belongs to my awesomely talented friend Jason, click on the link to check out his work! And if you love this city as much as I do, buy some prints!! ^ I have this one in my living room!)


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