The wedding industry is something very unique…. I’d be lying if I claimed it was all rainbows and butterflies that sprinkle cotton candy everywhere their wings flutter. In all reality it’s pretty cut throat. So when you get the chance to meet a sweet soul that you click with it’s something special. I met Ann […]

After spending years, months, weeks, days and countless hours planning your wedding….. What do you do after? I decided to write this blog post in a way to prep future brides and grooms on the after math of a wedding. To give some ideas about what to do with items instead of just throwing them […]

Ok, so I know what you all (or most of you) are thinking. So I will just come right and say it: “My wedding is in a church and is traditional. So, just how traditional can a girl with tattoos be?” orrrrrrr “My family is very traditional/we are very traditional.” Well…… The answer is quite […]

Last weekend was blast down town with Zach and April. After having to reschedule a few times due to weather- we FINALLY got some incredibly beautiful weather. Even though I am not able to shoot their wedding due to already being booked I am more than grateful to have been able to document their engagement […]