[] The girl behind the camera []

I have been playing around with this idea for awhile now and decided to take the leap and do it!
 I recently attended this awesome small group meet up of about 20 local photographers and heard some amazing talented people speak. One of them made a point of making time for ourselves as photographers. She pointed out that about 99.99% of us photographers will say “I don’t like my picture taken, that’s why I’m behind the camera.” Yet, our job is to convince our clients, who are most likely as uncomfortable as us in front of a camera, to relax and want to get their pictures taken. BOOM! 
My name is Jessica Beamgard. I am the owner of M & J Photography 
(which is named after my 2 beautiful daughters Mary-Jane and Madison June).
I am also a full time Physician’s Assistant/Law student at the University of Detroit Mercy. 
I am the oldest of 8, yes 8, kids and they are all pretty awesome! Now that some of us are having our own kids, I am also a VERY proud Aunt! 🙂

I have been doing photography “professionally” for a little over a year now, but have been studying, learning and always been the person with a camera in her hands for as long as I can remember. 
This is my passion and my creative release. I simply LOVE what I do!
My clients are awesome, THANK YOU! Without you guys I wouldn’t be able to do what I love.
I am a mother. I am a wife. I am a student. I am sister. I am daughter.
 I am a photographer. I am who I am. 
And this is me. 

( A big thank you for these wonderful images from a great friend of mine, Ashley!)

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