-Wedding Day Prep| Part 1-




It’s your wedding day, the day you have dreamed of your whole life.

Every detail perfectly and methodically planned out.

Just as you imagined.

The perfect dress.

The perfect flowers.

Beautiful shoes.

Everything is picture perfect.

Or so you think.

*Enter your photographer*

As you prepare for your big day, please, make sure all of your beautiful details are present and accounted for, in your bridal suite.

From your dress, to your bouquet, to jewelry (yes this means BOTH sets of rings: your engagement ring, wedding band as well as his wedding band), your shoes, your veil,etc.

If it is going to be on your body for your wedding- make sure it is in the suite. And ready for the photographer to use in pictures.

Next, kindly remind your bridesmaids that as much as you are concerned about their appearance for your wedding- this day is NOT about them.

I cannot tell you how many weddings have been delayed because a bridesmaid was not happy with the way her hair looked or that her makeup wasn’t “just right”.

Get over it. Simply put. Its not their day.

Sorry, you’re not sorry.

Let’s talk shoes-

Heels are beautiful and formal. And assumed to be a staple for wedding day attire.

If you are bent on wearing heels for your big day.

PLEASE break them in. PLEASE practice walking in them- for a solid month.

 I’m perfectly serious.

If you are in pain. It will show on your face. If you are uncomfortable. It will show.

If you do not know how to walk in them and look like a newborn baby deer, it will show.

(Ok, maybe not really, but who wants to look like that on their wedding day?!)

There is no shame in flats. Or a slight heel. No one said you have to wear 5″ heels.

And last, but certainly not least.

A favorite amongst wedding photographers.

One they will all thank me for addressing.

The elephant in the room…..


I will narrow it down to the top 3 most common to keep an eye out for:

1. The Resting Bitch Face: we all have it. We are all guilty of it. But you want to look happy and like you are having fun in your wedding pictures, right? If your photographer knows what they are doing, they will be pretty much on you and your bridal party all day about it. Remember, just relax, have fun, and SMILE.


2. The Kim Kardashian Cry: whether it’s a happy cry or a stressed out cry (hopefully it’s not the later on your wedding day), do NOT under any circumstances cry like that….. seriously. Save that for another day where there are not cameras present. Pretty cries. You will thank us later.


3. The Selfie Chin Tuck: it’s a natural instinct to tuck our chins in when we smile. EVERYONE does it. But on your wedding day you do not want to look like you have chins that are not there. So, make sure when you smile you stick your chin out and down about half an inch. Sounds crazy, I know… But TRUST me you will be much happier with the end result.

Meme-SelfieAnd this one should go without saying:

l_9d163fc0-d4ec-11e1-875a-750dc8900005These are your wedding photos, save your selfie faces for your cellphone

instagram posts later that day!!

Stay tuned for Part 2 coming soon.

Where we will cover prep for your ceremony.


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