5 things to do with your kids during the quarantine and not lose your mind in the process.

Ok, so I know us moms and dads are kind of low key freaking out about what to do with our kids…. because we are about to be locked up with them for close to 3-4 weeks. And here in midwest it’s still cold as heck out, so there is not much we can do outside.

So, like, what are we supposed to do…? I have 4 kids that will be home with me. Everyday. All day. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

Here are some ideas you can do with them. Adaptable for all ages and it wont use up your limited household supplies.

  • Edible play dough– kids of all ages like it and can play with it. No, not slime hahahaha because lets face it- that stuff is terrible. Little kids will just play and build stuff. School aged kids can do letters and shapes. Older kids can help the younger kids or even find sculptures online and see who can make the closest version of it.
  • Magazine/mail filler art. Yeah like the creepy stalker letters you see in movies lol Give them some glue and notebook paper and go to town! I am having my younger kids cut out sight words, letters to their names, shapes, colors, etc. My older kids I am having them design their “dream room” “dream vacation” “vision board” type things.

(ps- I thought this said ranDom note not ranSom… hahahahah but, eh, you could do that too I guess!)

  • Mismatched sock puppets. I know we all have them!! Use some markers and decorate the heck out of them!! If you have yarn or other supplies you can make them super fun, too. I am reading stories to my kids and having them make the characters and “play the story back to me” with their puppets. Also, make their own stories. If you have a cardboard box (stores have LOTS of these right now) you can also make a cute little stage for them.
  • Obstacle courses. They can even make their own. It can be indoor or outdoor. But it will get some energy out. I am having my younger kids help my blindfolded older kids go through it. Doesn’t have to be crazy. It can be things like “hop on one foot around that tree, crawl like a crab to the TV, etc.
  • Story writing. Again with those mail fillers- cut out fun words, put them into a bowl and have the older kids pick out 3-4. Write a story using those subjects/words. Younger kids? See if they can come up with their own story with those words. Find things around the house with those words or even just have the older kids read their stories to them at bedtime. Kids not writers? I have one that LOVES video games. I am having her design her own video game around those words she drew out of the bowl. Draw me a whole story board about it and design it out.

It’s not much but its a start. If you have any of your own ideas, please feel free to make a comment with them!! We will need ALLLLL the ideas as time goes on.

I do plan on posting some fun science experiments and things like that in the coming days. Again, things that wont take away from our household supplies. If you know of any or have some fun educational activities- email me, and I will share them!! jess@girlwiththetattoos.com

Hang in there mom and dad- we got this!!

Plus, there is always Netflix and Disney+ no one is expecting you to be a super hero and “on” during this whole time of quarantine. Give yourself some grace. Cut yourself some slack. Pop some popcorn and let them watch a dang movie or two!

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