5 weird things you probably didn’t know about your photographer |Detroit, MI

two grooms laughing and hugging wedding photos
  1. We brag about you like a proud mom. Like for real. We love to let other people know how “awesome, sweet and chill” our couples are. It kind of says something good about us too and how enjoyable our job truly is. You all rock, simply put!
  2. Delivering a full wedding gallery is an emotional rollercoaster or us. Yes, you read that right. It’s like the bitter sweet end to our journey together. From the moment I got your first email or phone call, the first meeting, the engagement session, all of the phone calls, emails and text messages. All of the help planning. Yes, a lot of the time we get asked for opinions and recommendations on various aspects of wedding planning. The wedding (in which we spend all day long with you by your side), the days editing and then finally, the moment to wrap it all up, delivering the final wedding gallery. I’m not kidding, that moment is like when you finish reading a novel, or when you binge through an amazing new series on Netflix. We feel all the feels now that its done and over.
  3. We cant wait to hear back from you after we deliver your galleries! PAY ATTENTION HERE. You think we are in this for the money? Oh! How mistaken you are. I mean, its nice because bills and stuff. But we do it for the “OMG! I seriously cannot stop looking at these!” “I’m crying all over again!” “Thank you thank you thank you!”. We go a little crazy if we don’t hear anything back. Our mind goes in a million directions. Going back over every photo. Every detail. Making sure (for the millionth time) that they are indeed perfect. The thank you is what makes this job worth it.
  4. (This may sound a little creepy and like it’s from the script “you”) We know your physical features better than your partner. Seriously! Ok, maybe not better than your partner, but better than most of the people in your life. We spend hours looking at the both of you! While we edit hundreds of images from your engagement photos. Thousands from your wedding day. We go through so many pictures, we see every little detail on you, in so many different angles. Oh! And lets not forget about the outtakes- the photos you would give your first born for us to never let see the light of day!
  5. We can feel like we are close friends with your friends. More often than not I see faces of random people and I’m like 100% sure I know them! Sometimes I say hi to them and sometimes I don’t. Because chances are they have no freaking clue who I am!! But, at one point in time I spent about 2 solid week staring at their faces and reliving your wedding, when they saw me once at your wedding (if they even remember!) But this makes my job so much fun! I will be traveling to a different state and run into people I know. Drives my husband nuts sometimes! hahaha! I love meeting new people and making new friends.

If you’re not weirded out and need a wedding photographer- hit me up!!

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