A few of my favorite wedding things

I have done this whole wedding things for awhile now.

There is not much have not seen or heard at this point!!!

From fire breathers to full orthodox weddings. From couples coming in on helicopters to hiking up the side of a mountain. And I have loved every single one along the way!

Often, I am asked for advice from my couples. To which I will gladly help where I can.

When it comes to weddings I love the unique. I love the different. I love the extreme. So keep that in mind when reading this 😉

These are just some random thoughts and things that I LOVE for weddings. And would love to shoot.

Dresses with straps/sleeves.

BIG bouquets

Patterned suits

Colored suits

Flower walls

Industrial venues

Signature cocktails (which will be its own blog post here in a few days!)

Colored wedding dresses

I love anything that is different. After working 400 weddings the ones that stand out the most are the ones that are different. The ones where the couples weren’t afraid to break tradition and do exactly what they wanted the way they wanted!

And this is no way a knock to the couples who want to do things and keep everything traditional. Those are classically beautiful as well!

This is just some inspiration to think of something different- even if its just to dream. I am a fan of that! lol

I wore a black wedding dress after all. So I am all for changing things up.

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