It goes without saying that SO many wedding plans have been affected by COVID. And it breaks my heart. Every time my email goes off my heart drops, because I know its another couple with heartbreaking news about postponing their wedding plans. Same with this couple. Even though their original plans were to elope anyways- […]

Whether you have been invited to a wedding, thought you were going to be invited to a wedding, planned on attending a wedding, are planning a wedding or know someone who is planning a wedding, I am sure you are all well aware of the devastation couples are facing right now. This is an unprecedented […]

navy wedding walking and laughing Marston mill cape cod

Goes without saying that we are all bored in the house. So, after about a year of putting off re-doing my countertops. I finally “had the time” to do this project hahahaha! I have been eyeing concrete countertops for over a year now. Reading, watching, learning, etc. I am obsessed with them! If I could, […]

If there is one thing that this quarantine has done- its made me go digging through my archives for pretty pictures and reminders of just how beautiful the world around us is. Back in 2015 there was this stunningly beautiful living art installation rightfully called “The Flower House” We were allowed 30 minutes to walk […]