They grew up as neighbors and best friends- but fell in love and now get to be best friends forever <3

It’s no surprise weddings are looking a little different this year…. While I know the big dream wedding you have been planning for a long time has been postponed, many couples are still getting married and just having a big party next year. So, when COVID happens- this is how we improvise!

Even when its 96* out- we can still have fun and make some beautiful pictures!

couple holding hands and walking in the woods

GUESS WHAT?!?!??!!!! I CAN TAKE PICTURE PRETTY PICTURES AGAIN AND IT FEELS AMAZING!!! Getting out of the house (away from my children, whom I love dearly but we sometimes need to see other people, lol!) and be around other adults. Having fun. Walking around the city of Detroit!!! Is just what our souls needed. Perfect […]

couple walking and laughing on top of parking garage in downtown detroit