Wanting something FABULOUS for your birthday?! Let’s set it up!!

Planning a wedding brings on a whole other level of craziness you’ve never even dreamed was possible! Where do you start? How do you find dependable vendors? What kind of wedding do you want? Where do you even start? While I may not be able to help with everything I can help with a little […]

wedding party walking and laughing in eastern market detroit

With the oh so lovely COVID situation- many have been faced with the decision to either just postpone to next year or elope this year and have their party next year. With going the elopement route a lot of couples have been having problems finding a place available for them. Either by not wanting to […]

Yes, you read that right. Since 2020 came in like a wrecking ball…. and we all have been knocked on our butts in one way or another. The wedding industry has been turned upside down and shaken quite a few times. As I had posted earlier that when I dropped out of college to become […]