Contrary to belief starting out a wedding toast with the dreaded-over-used-line “For those of you who don’t know me” is not the best way to start a toast. More than likely the DJ or MC has JUST told everyone who you are before they handed you the mic 😉 After attending over 400 weddings I […]

bride crying during wedding reception toasts belle isle boat house

Planning a wedding is overwhelming enough. But planning one in an area you do not live? Comes with its own set of challenges. I have had a few couples reach out over the last few weeks asking for advice on planning out of town weddings. How do they structure their timelines? How they make sure […]

Bride and Groom first kiss on top of a mountain

My 2nd daughter turned 10 today. I cannot even believe it!! Having a birthday during this lockdown looks a little different- but the love is still there. Just at a 6’+ distance….. Maddi is the sweetest little girl you could ever meet. She always has a smile on her face. Always is willing to help. […]

I have done this whole wedding things for awhile now. There is not much have not seen or heard at this point!!! From fire breathers to full orthodox weddings. From couples coming in on helicopters to hiking up the side of a mountain. And I have loved every single one along the way! Often, I […]