Destination Wedding Photographer

Wanderlust is in my blood. Traveling is my love language!

So it comes to no surprise that I chose a career that allows me to be on an adventure every few months.

When planning a destination wedding or even flying a photographer in from another state- I know it can be worrisome.

Travel. Accommodations. Transportation. Etc.

Well, I am just letting you know you can put your worries to rest. I am well versed in destination weddings and traveling for them!!

I’ve dealt with everything from a typhoon storm blowing in on a wedding day. Wild fires. Insane traffic on a rainy wedding day in a major city. Getting lost in the mountains with no cell service. Time zone hopping. Etc.

What happens when that happens? we roll with it! You would never know from looking at the pictures what had went on “behind the scenes”. Why? Because while I cannot control the weather (though I have been researching how for years! lol) I can take control of the situation and make sure you have the best wedding pictures you can imagine.

Having traveled to a cattle ranch deep in the heart of Texas to the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York. From the busy city streets of Chicago to the beautiful beaches in Florida. From the breath taking mountains in Colorado to the stunning mountains in Tennessee and Washington. And every where in between. I am well versed in the amazing country!

I have been to 46 out of the 50 states in the USA. And soon to add the last 4 to my travel list within the next year!!!

How do I make sure travel and everything goes smoothly? I arrive 1-2 days before the wedding date. To ensure safe travel and no interference with plans. Arriving early also gives me a chance to scope out places for pictures and get an idea on seasonal lighting. I also stay 1-2 days after the wedding just incase a typhoon or something blows in and we have to do pictures the next day (yes, this actually has happened!!!).

How do I make sure my gear and equipment dont get lost on a flight? I dont let it out of my sight! My cameras, lenses and memory cards along with an extra change of clothes are my carry-on. So just incase baggage gets lost? I have my necessities with me at all times.

I also travel with my laptop so you can get those sneak peeks that night!! Before I travel home I back up all of the images in 3 places. Then ship my memory cards with the originals on them back to my house with insurance and signature required on delivery to ensure they arrive.

Traveling in a Pandemic? Yes, I do and have. I ensure I am safe by wearing my mask at all times. Using sanitizer, changing my clothes as soon as I am off the plane and keeping myself safe. What happens if a flight is canceled due to the pandemic? Well, I am from the Mid-West where we believe “Why fly when its only a 16 hour drive?” so, if push comes to shove? I will drive through the night to get there!!! (Thus another reason for arriving early to a wedding day for these “just incase” situations)

Travel packages? Are done on a custom level. Because every wedding is different. If you are interested- send an email and lets talk some details!

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