– Kevin & Sarah, MARRIED!- |Novi, MI Wedding Photographer|

These two.

 Eloped in IRELAND last month.

How freaking cool is that!?

So, since they went there and got married.

Sarah and I planned out a shoot for them here back home.

Firefly Premier Events supplied us with the most perfect props EVER to complete our dream look.

2016-10-16_0003 2016-10-16_0004 2016-10-16_0005 2016-10-16_0006 2016-10-16_0007 2016-10-16_0008 2016-10-16_0009 2016-10-16_0011 2016-10-16_0012 2016-10-16_0013 2016-10-16_0014

  1. Julie says:

    Absolutely beautiful!!! I love the edit, the nature like setting, the mood, the style, the couple, THAT DRESS!!

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