– Jeff & Amy- (( ARE GETTING MARRIED!)) |Detroit, MI Engagement Photographer|


Jeff and Amy came as a referral to me from a fellow wedding industry professional.

And I am not going to lie, when Amy reached out to me with the details of her wedding I may have “YAY’d” out loud.

Ok, I YAY’d REALLY loud!

Her and Jeff are planning a Halloween themed wedding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AND she doesn’t plan on wearing a white dress (a girl after my own heart!)!

She even brought me a dozen of delicious cupcakes she made to our session, I mean hello- YES!!!

(Even though my husband ate all but 1 of them!)

I literally cannot wait for this wedding next year.

These two are RAD.

Like really.

Just take a look!

2016-11-15_0001 2016-11-15_0002 2016-11-15_0003 2016-11-15_0004 2016-11-15_0005 2016-11-15_0006 2016-11-15_0007 2016-11-15_0008 2016-11-15_0009 2016-11-15_0010 2016-11-15_0011 2016-11-15_0012

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