Downtown Detroit Elopement | Hasan and Ismira | Michigan

This last weekend two of my husband and I’s really good friends got married!!

Yes, after the better part of a decade Hasan put a ring on it!!! hahaha!

Over the years I have shot many of my friends weddings- but I have to say this one takes the cake.

Hands down, out of my 300+ weddings, this was the rowdiest crowd EVER!!!!! Because, let me tell you- Bosnians know how to and LOVE to party. There was never an empty cup (bottles on the other hand…), never NOT a smile on someones face, music so loud that it made you feel like if you couldn’t speak Bosnian you did at that time!!

Not one person let the high winds and heavy down pour that afternoon stop the party, either. We rolled with it and danced in it.

I also, have never lost my voice working a wedding before hahahaha!!! My husband (who was in the wedding) and I tried our best to keep up with every lol He did better than me, since I was working. I also don’t think I have ever laughed as much as I did at this wedding. Good people make for good times!

Ĩestitke volimo vas oboje!

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