5 reasons why you should book a mini-session for your family|Detroit, MI |

I’m sure you see this term “mini-session” frequently from photographers.

What exactly are they?

For starters they are exactly what they sound like. They are simply a mini version of a full photo session. About half the time. A fraction of the cost. And a handful of the best images from the session.

But beyond the obvious here is what they really are:

  1. They are GREAT for families with little ones. Why? Because if your kids are anything like mine- they last about 20-30 minutes MAX for pictures and then they are over it. Mini-sessions are a wonderful, quick way to go and get your family pictures done while your kids are in a good mood!!
  2. Speaking of good moods- they work incredibly well for grumpy spouses who “don’t like their pictures being taken” or even cooperating for anything fun. Pictures are done before they even know it and they can go right back to whatever it is they enjoy. I mean, anyone can pretend to be happy for 25/30mins, right?!
  3. Mini-sessions are great for your budget. As stated above they are a fraction of the cost of a regular session and you get beautiful pictures in return. So if you have a photographer you love and are dying to get pictures done by them but cant quite fit a full session into the budget? Watch for mini-session announcements and jump on it ASAP. (I only do them twice a year and they sell out quickly when I post them.)
  4. If you are someone who “just needs a few good pictures”? Mini-sessions are the way to go. They often have a small amount of edited images delivered vs a regular full session. So you will get the few good ones you are looking for.
  5. They are another great way to support a local business! Keep in mind, as I stated above, most photographers only offer these every so often. So, if you are looking for a mini-session wait until we announce them or ask when we are doing them next.

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