Freyja is ONE!

If you would have asked me a year ago, how I imagined my baby’s first birthday going….. my answer would have NOT been being locked up in a house due to a global pandemic…

I know it’s totally first world problems. But it does break my heart. My last baby doesn’t get to celebrate her first year here on earth with her family and friends.

This last year has been quite the adventure. Freyja has been such a great travel companion on my many trips. We have been from Cape Cod to the mountain tops of Colorado. From Tennessee to the great lakes in Northern Michigan. From the city streets in Chicago to downtown Detroit. As well as a bunch of other places. She loves going places and meeting new people.

Watching her grow into her little self has been incredible. She cannot go more than a few minutes without a sister loving on her. Cheering her on. Getting her to dance her goofy little butt wiggle. And her smile? UGH… will melt your heart. Her smiles with every ounce of her being.

My little Freyja Lilith Jean- you are so loved.

Even if your birthday happens to be April Fool’s Day- turning one in a global pandemic ain’t no joke!!!

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