Just how professional can a girl with tattoos be? |Detroit, Mi

Believe it or not, just as “professional” as any other photographer out there who has either strategically hidden their tattoos or doesn’t have any.

Professionalism has NOTHING to do with how I look or how I have chosen to decorate my body. But rather the experience I provide for my clients. Making sure what I promise is delivered and you all have a damn good time in the process.

Sadly, there is still quiet the stigma surrounding the tattooed crowd. My friends and I see it daily. The longer than necessary side stares. The “Karen’s” that a little louder than necessary explain to their children that I ‘made poor choices in life about my body”. The teachers that smirk and roll their eyes. Venue owners that ask me to cover them up so I don’t “offend other patrons”. It’s there. But, I have gotten to the point where I don’t care anymore.

I get that my business name doesn’t appeal to everyone. And I may not be their cup of tea, simply for the words I chose to brand with. And that’s OK. Being judged so quickly, I knew was going to happen. But I have made peace with the fact that the people who do this are not my people. Not even “not my client” just flat out not my people. They are missing out on a wonderful chance to have amazing photos and one hell of a time doing it!

In case you were wondering why I chose this and not my actual name?

  1. I have been married previously and branded with that last name. Many, many, many years of work and business went under that name. And when I divorced and changed it- it was no longer me. I refuse to brand with a last name again.
  2. Do you know how many Jessica Lynn’s there are?! Like one out of every 4 females born in the late 80s. Not even kidding!!! So yeah, while my name be a basic white girl’s name, my personality is NOT.

Why not another name?

Sorry, but I am not some “precious memories frozen forever in time” photography. That’s just not me. I’m not a run of the mill, dime a dozen wedding photographer. You are going to remember who I am 😉 I am different and I want to stand out in the over saturated market.

Where did it come from?

Funny story… it actually started out as a joke. After my divorce I was in branding crisis. I didn’t know what I wanted to brand with. Well, it was finalized in February. Before wedding season started. But I stuck with it for that next season. I started getting my bigger pieces that were very visible that year. Becoming myself, finding my real identity. Towards the end of the season people started referring to me as “the girl with the tattoos”. At wedding people would ask “Who is the photographer?” anddddddd you guessed it the response would be “the girl with the tattoos”. So, while talking with some friends I half joking half out of frustration said one day “Screw it! I cant think of anything I like. I’m just going to be The Girl With The Tattoos!”


4 years later- here I am.

People tell me all of the time I should change it. I should be more professional. I should be more “normal“. I need to be more identifiable. Basically fit myself into a box that they feel is personally necessary.

Yeah, I’m good. I’ve worked so hard both in my business and with the artwork on my body that I no longer have to introduce myself when I walk into a room. And that makes it all worth it.

See, I’m the wedding photographer that wants to do more than just “chat with you about your big day”. I actually give a shit about the details and what you have planned.

So, if you want to do more than just chat? Hit me up.

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