Groom and Groomsmen Inspiration- Detroit Wedding Photography

Groom and groomsmen laughing in teal tunnel downtown Detroit

I know weddings, even these days where not all weddings have a bride or bridesmaids, they seem to be centered around women.

Groom and groomsmen picture inspiration

All of the pictures you search for. The most searched terms. The most popular boards on Pinterest. It’s everywhere. Very few pictures of guys (unless its the iconic ones of them crying at the end of the aisle).

With that being said, I think there needs to be more inclusivity for guys in the wedding industry. There needs to be more “fun” pictures to be searched for other than the cheesy ones with their pants down showing off custom boxers, drinking beer or gasping at at the new ring on the grooms finger. Those are played out and not at all unique in any way.

Groom and groomsmen picture inspiration

I think the guys tend to get over looked and not get a lot of attention when it comes to wedding days because they have a reputation for being obnoxious lol

The masculine energy and identity is sorely missing from the wedding world. And it’s so sad.

Groom and groomsmen picture inspiration


We have so much fun. I let them do their thing and joke right along with them. Most of the time they cant keep up 😉

Groom and groomsmen picture inspiration

So, guys? Here’s a post for YOU!!! After all, its your wedding day, too!!

You’re not forgotten here. I like to party with you. Cheers!

Groom and groomsmen picture inspiration

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