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Planning a wedding brings on a whole other level of craziness you’ve never even dreamed was possible!

Where do you start? How do you find dependable vendors? What kind of wedding do you want? Where do you even start?

While I may not be able to help with everything I can help with a little guidance on how to find a professional wedding photographer that fits your style.

When it comes to editing (the way pictures look when they are delivered to you) the advice I always give is go with something timeless. Something that won’t date your wedding photos….. ex: selective coloring lol

Your skin shouldn’t look orange (yeah that’s a trend right now). The greens in your photos should look green not some weird other world color. Your colors should look like they were in real life- not some strange version of it. We all know how many hours you spent trying to find just the right shade dresses, suits, ties and flowers, etc.

But beyond the editing you should be looking at their style. How they describe their shooting- and make sure to ask for a few FULL galleries to make sure it is consistent. Anyone can show a highlight reel…. you want to see the real-reel.

There are many styles of photography. But here a few most “popular ones”:

Traditional: This is a style that is best suited for people who like direction every minute of their wedding day. Remember going to a photo studio when you were a kid and the photographer gave you direction every second? It’s like that. A lot of “look at the camera and smile really big” *next pose* “hold hands and look at each other and smile” *next pose* over and over again. Like a script. If you like lists and more posed pictures? This would be for you.

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Photojournalistic/Documentary: The complete opposite of the previously mentioned traditional style. This is more of a complete hands off approach. Besides the usual family formal photos you photographer will be more like a fly on the wall. Blend in. Gives little to no direction and “just lets things happen” while documenting the day as it unfolds. If you are one who doesn’t like the feeling of always being on camera or all of the attention on you? This style would be great! Even though your photographer wouldn’t be your shadow they will still be getting everything to show off your wedding day perfectly!

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Candid: This is my personal favorite and how I shoot. A candid approach is a little mix of everything. Your photographer will still give you guidance on where to put your hands and where to look but followed up with a joke rather than with traditional photography where exact direction is given at all times. They will give you prompts to do or ask you funny questions to get a natural and real reaction out of you. This style is more about capturing emotions and connections rather than just posing you and making sure everything is text book “perfect”. Not for people who “don’t like the way they look when they laugh or smile” because there is a LOT of that in candid photography. And not for people who like everything to be “perfect”. This is a lot more fun and playful. Natural and real. If you like to have fun, want to feel relaxed in front of the camera and have more of a “no pressure” approach to your wedding pictures? This is for you!

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If you like to have fun and want to just throw a big party- I’ll make sure you can remember it!!! Send me a message and let’s get this party started!!!

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