*{ Morgan }*

Oh, little Miss Morgan!! She cracked me up. This little princess sure reminds me of her mother (who happens to have been my BFF growing up). Don’t let her cute pink lace mislead you- she loves worms, as long as she doesn’t get dirty while looking for them! Like any girl she needed her “lips” within arm reach at all times.
   Morgan is turning 3 this June and says she wants a pirate birthday party, you will see her “pirate face” below. Pretty convincing if you ask me, mom!
      Here is Morgan:

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  1. linnoel says:

    This little Morgan is my granddaugter, she is truly a little princess. The pictures are just beautiful, I can’t wait to purchase them. Grandma Linda

  2. Linda,
    You can click on the link above “facebook page” and message me there on purchasing info.