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Yes, you read that right.

Since 2020 came in like a wrecking ball…. and we all have been knocked on our butts in one way or another.

The wedding industry has been turned upside down and shaken quite a few times.

As I had posted earlier that when I dropped out of college to become a wedding photographer my “security” was- people will always get married……. cue 2020…..

Yes, people are still getting married but not in the same way. And its very heart breaking. But I have managed to fall in love with my career choice all over again though, because through all of this chaos LOVE WINS. Through this whole pandemic I have helped so many couples. Even ones who were not booked with me. Helping them contact vendors, move dates, find new vendors, give industry advice and keep everyone posted on the legalities of weddings.

Almost daily I have received tear filled phone calls, panicked text messages and stressed emails. I cannot imagine having to cut a guest list several times. Change venues. Change vendors. My heart goes out to you all.

With the shift from bigger to smaller weddings I have been asked several times if I know of an officiant or if I was able to sign a marriage license (as the couple wanted to run off and get married and just have me there).

So this got me thinking…. I am in the service industry… how can I better serve my clients?

The answer? I became ordained…. yes, it was online. But its 100000% legal 😉

I can now sign your marriage licenses in ALL 50 STATES!!

If you want to hike up a mountain just you and your spouse and your photographer? I can do that…. though I am not much of a fan of cardio. If you want to run away and just say your vows to one another and have pretty pictures taken? I can do that too…. If you want to go and explore a city and go into an abandoned warehouse? I can do that as well!! If you dont want some random person standing behind you in a mask in your wedding pictures? Cool, I dont blame you.

I’ve got you covered.

You write your vows. I will take the pictures and sign away!!

I am here to help. Here to serve. Here for you!!

If you are looking for one hell of a badass photographer who supports love, embraces all religions and cultures, believes Black Lives Matter, lives love is love, celebrates equality and women’s rights, promotes body positivity and believes immigrants make America great? Look no further.

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