Downtown Detroit Winter Proposal |Downtown Detroit | Michigan| Stephanie Ellis Custom Ring

couple laughing and smiling in the wind on top of the Z lot detroit mi

Ughhhhhhhh….. do you know what the PAIN of having to keep one of the BIGGEST secrets EVER from your BEST FRIEND is like?!

Torture. Pure Torture…….

But, so worth it…. Every cover up. Every denial. Every vague response. Every white lie as to why she couldn’t make plans for a certain day.


Jared has been working on this for about 4 months. Had this ring custom made from Stephanie Ellis, Magan’s favorite jewelry designer. It is STUNNING.

The team effort was pure magic! While I waited for them to “walk by” I had to ask so many people to move. Paid a few homeless people off. Asked the hotel next doors’ valet team to signal me when they saw them approaching! hahahahaha!!! and it went perfectly, especially when Jared dropped to one knee and Magan said “what the fuck are you doing? Oh!!”

Without getting too sappy (I’ll save that for the MOH speech) I cannot be more happy for these two…. Watching them fall in love. Watching Jared care for and fall in love with Magan’s small army. Has been more than incredible.

Thank you, Jared. For loving my best friend and allowing her to heal and grow into the person she needed to be. Thank you for loving her kids like they are your own. Thank you for being you and caring so much. You are incredible. I wish you both the most happiness and love imaginable.


(Let’s go try on fancy dresses now!)

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