Quarantine Wedding Day Detroit, MI

It goes without saying that SO many wedding plans have been affected by COVID. And it breaks my heart. Every time my email goes off my heart drops, because I know its another couple with heartbreaking news about postponing their wedding plans.

Same with this couple. Even though their original plans were to elope anyways- they still wanted to be able to share it with a few close friends and family.

We made it work. They got married in front of about 75 friends and family on zoom and Facebook live. I stood in the hallway with a mask and zoom lens (thank the universe my husband convinced me I would need one one day…. Just dont tell him that!). The neighboring apartment tenants came out on their porches watched and cheered for them as well!

They laughed and cried with their families. Cheersed with them and even had a wedding singer as entertainment for their “guests” over zoom. Shared their first dance in their living room. Their dogs (and me) as their witnesses.

Walking around the empty streets of Detroit was strange. I am so used to a city full of life everywhere. There was not much in Corktown. Though a few people brought us drinks and bottles of champagne as a gift as we walked around! As the bride said, it was a nice way to cheer people up and get their minds off of what is going on in the world.

Even if your original wedding day plans have changed- all that matters at the end of the day? Is that you get to marry the love of your life. You can have your big party later. When you can love and hug and dance with everyone. Get married. Celebrate your love together. Throw your party later.

Sure, your plans may change- but your love doesn’t.

Plus, what a wild story to tell later on?!

If you are looking to elope during this time or are needing a photographer due to a rescheduling conflict? Hit me up!!! Let’s see what we can work out!

In the mean time, stay safe!!! I cant wait to see you all soon!

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