My Favorite Detroit Wedding Vendors | Detroit, MI

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I get asked often about recommendations for vendors. Which is no surprise since having worked with so many.

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming and confusing. So, I encourage my couples to ask for help when needed! I am more than happy to offer advice and recommendations when and where I can.

There are so may vendors out there and I have seen too many people get burned by bad ones.

While this list is not all of the vendors I have worked with, these just happen to be my favorites. I can personally vouch for and know that they have went above and beyond for my couples! All are inclusive as well!

Planners: They are worth their weight in GOLD. From helping you plan your wedding to making sure your day goes as smoothly as possible. They are your voice of reason and your biggest fan (other than me of course!) If you don’t think you need one, you should consider it. Because, who knew everyone in your family would have such strong opinions on what color napkins you have…..yes, napkins.

Ann Travis Events

Sam Goldwyn of Twofoot Creative

Trace Events

DJs: They make or break your party. They keep it going and ensure the dance floor is always full and everyone is having the time of their lives!

Big Ben Yowell

Florist: The details that take your wedding day from just a fancy event to a dream come true.

Ann Travis Events

The Flower Kitten

Hair and Makeup: I mean, you want to look red carpet ready, don’t you?! Their teams will make sure you are top notch ready.

Kismet Studio

Hannah Price

Configure Beauty Detroit

Video: While this is still a product most people go without. I suggest it when I can and if you can make it work. Wedding videos are a nice way to look back on your big day. Hear voices. See tears. Feel the feels all over again.

97 films

Catering/Desserts: Because, well who doesn’t LOVE food and sweets?!

Glass House Catering

Petitie Sweets Detroit

Sweet Heather Anne

Dress Shops: They will make sure they find you the threads of your dreams. Not only for you but your whole party! Making sure you all are looking fllllyyyyyyyy AF!

B. Ella Bridal

The Gown Shop

Officiants: Believe it or not officiants do actually matter! Other than for obvious reasons of holding the authority of making your union official. They have a way with words. Making your guests laugh, cry, applaud, and more than anything want to be present.

Perfect Day Celebrations

Venues: This one is a bit tricky. Everyones budget vary vastly. But, venues are pivotal. People will remember your wedding by where its at.

Planterra Conservatory

The Eastern

The Belle Isle Boat House

The Guardian Building

The Whiskey Factory

The Ford Piquette Plant

If I have missed any categories please let me know!!

Also, if you would like a FREE planning checklist to help you visualize and narrow everything down, shoot me a message and I would be more than happy to send you one!

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