The Eastern Detroit | Kate and Ari | Michigan

I can still remember when Kate first called me about shooting her wedding, because we both knew it was meant to be!

I mean, its not everyday you meet someone with a mermaid drinking starbucks tattoo!!!! or even someone with a matching Detroit skyline tattoo.

Ari and Kate are a match made in the heavens. They compliment each other so well. You can feel their love for each other (and Henri) when you are around them.

Their wedding day matched their personalities better than any wedding I have ever been to!!

A perfect twist of “Jew-ish” traditions mixed with fun disco balls, neon sign and flamingos was the theme of their day.

Things got a little weird, but that was the trend of their day- “Let’s get weird!”

Henri, their beloved pup was the perfect flower dog on his mom and dad’s big day. He ran around the city with us like a Champ!

And, can we talk about this desert table for a second?! ummmm…. HOLY SHI*T… You will WANT to see this…. hands down- the best thing I have ever laid eyes on.

I am SO over the moon happy for you two!!

Hotel: Detroit Foundation Hotel

Venue: The Eastern

Hair and Makeup: Configure Beauty Detroit

Flowers: The Flower Kitten

Event Planning: Christa Graham Events

Deserts: Petite Sweets Detroit, LLC

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