Top 5 places to NOT do wedding pictures in Detroit| Detroit, MI.

5. The River Front. While it can be pretty and unique- it is WINDY. So, take into account that your hair will be blowing and depending on the time of the year you could possibly freeze solid!

4. The Shinloa Hotel. Yes, it beautiful. So “instagram” perfect. But they barely even let photographers who have brides getting married there take pictures inside!

3. The RenCen. Don’t try it. Unless you call ahead and get prior permission. But really? Its not that special inside. It’s MUCH cooler to have pictures of the iconic building rather than IN the iconic building.

2. The Z Lot. Yes, there is (or what used to be) a beautiful panoramic view of the Detroit skyline. But like all cool things, entitled people (or maybe they just legit couldn’t read) wouldn’t stay off the ledge that is 10 stories high. You can still do pictures up there. But the once beautiful view is now obstructed by a 6′ chain link fence. You also now have to call Bedrock to get permission to shoot up there.

1. The DIA stairs. Do not try it. Security will be there within seconds, not even minutes. Again, too many people couldn’t be respectful and ruined this amazing location for us all. Unless you have your wedding booked there? Its not going happen.

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