Valentine’s Day gift ideas. For the fun couples. | Detroit, MI.

So we all know Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. And if you are like me you have either:

  1. procrastinated on getting a gift
  2. are clueless on getting a gift

Yay us!

In true Jess fashion I started searching for some fun ideas on what to get my husband for Valentine’s Day. Because we are not your typical “romantic” couple. Here are the top 5 I found!

  1. Customized socks or underwear. So, I have made these before and they are hands down the BEST THING EVER!!! It started out as a joke, but was actually quite hilarious and awesome. You can never go wrong with something that has your face on it.
  2. Custom love story book. You can make a book about your love story. It’s absolutely adorable and sentimental or goofy and light hearted.
  3. Funny sugar cookies. Who doesn’t love cookies?! and who doesn’t love funny ones? You can find them with the funniest things on them.
  4. A star map. As cheesy as it sounds. It’s actually quite sweet. It can be from the night of your first date. Your first kiss The first time-you first timed. Any thing.
  5. And of course- the heart shaped pizza. Because, who TF doesn’t like a good cheesy pizza?! Sometimes I will order one for myself… haha! I’m so not kidding.

Good luck this year! Maybe this will help you do something other than chocolates and flowers. Maybe not.. hahaha But at least I tried!

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