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I am sure by now you have all heard a reference to what someone’s love language is…. and I’m not talking about tacos or a choice cocktail!

If that was the case, a cold bud light and some chinese food would be it for me!!

But in all seriousness I am talking about the way that you give and feel love. This REALLY comes in handy with any relationship. Everyone shows love and accepts it differently.

I know that personally once I knew my husbands and he knew mine it helped a LOT with our relationship. Because we both felt like we were “loving” one another, but it wasn’t the way the other felt it.

For example my love language is quality time and his is gift giving. I want to spend all of the time with him, going on trips, watching movies, going for a walk, sitting on one of the 4 wheelers while he tinkers with the other one. To me I felt like I was loving him. Him? not so much.

He likes to buy me things. Don’t get me wrong I love to be spoiled… but, I was just like “Ok, thanks. Instead of working the extra hours to buy me this purse you could have been here at home with me.” But he thought he was loving me.

We had to have a few tough and serious conversations where the communication disconnect was. And once we figured it out- things have gotten better.

He knows I’m not being clingy when I want to spend time with him and I know that he’s not just spending money spend it….. most of the time! haha!

Learning your partners love language can come in handy with planning a wedding. Finding out what is really important to them by what is a priority for that day.

But for a long lasting relationship I feel like its a must.. to help with communication, loving them how they need it, and being a better partner.

If you don’t know you significant others love language- here is a link for a quiz that will tell you what it is. Click here!

How does this come in handy with wedding planning?

Here are a few examples or ideas on how to help your partner by speaking their love language during planning a wedding:

Quality time- Put down your phone and just be there. Engage in a conversation about what task they are working on at the moment and actually listen. Go with them to appointments and not make it seem like a chore.

Gift giving- Doesn’t have to be anything huge or extravagant. Little thoughtful things that could help make planning easier. Coffee. A bottle of wine. A gift certificate for a massage. New highlighters or a notebook. Something to show your appreciation for their support and/or hard work with planning and coordinating.

Words of affirmation- Tell them often how great they are doing with planning the wedding. Or helping you plan the wedding. How much you appreciate their support and effort. Tell them how proud you are that they are doing so much and making great progress.

Physical touch- Often reach out and hold their hand. Offer a back or neck rub. Give hugs frequently- and hold them for more than a few seconds.

Acts of service- Ask what you can do to help, not just with planning but what you can do around the house or for them so they can continue to focus on planning. Or what you can do to help alleviate some of the stress planning a wedding brings.

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