Why details matter in your wedding photos. |Detroit, MI

While you have spent countless hours, days, weeks and sometimes even years planning out your special day.

Carefully selecting every last detail, making sure everything is perfect.

It’s no secret that creating detail shots are amongst us wedding photographers favorites from the day.

It’s not just a time that we have full creative freedom, but its also an honor to document these details for you.


Well, the answer is probably more simple than you think.

Ever look back at old pictures from your parents and grandparents childhood? teen years? wedding?

What do you notice? Other than how young they are or how much so-and-so looks like them.


It’s their clothes. The styles. The trends of the time.

Documenting these are like a time capsule to pass on to your children and your children’s children.

They are going to want to know what the shoes looked like that you wore.


What the dress looked like.

The flowers.

The rings and jewelry.

Not only to see what has changed. But possibly because they will want to wear something similar out of love and honor for you.

Heirlooms are always a sweet sentimental touch to your wedding details. Even if you don’t have any- you never know what carefully selected accessory of yours may become an heirloom for someone else.


Every season, trends change. We all know that.

The color palette changes, the dress styles change.

But, what you chose for your day. No matter when it was, will never change.

Those details you chose were for a reason.

Even if it was as simple as just because you liked them or it was all your budget allowed.

Those details on your wedding day still matter.

They help tell your story.

Those details you ever so carefully selected- help ME tell your story.

The story you will pass on to your future generations.

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