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Ever since we made the announcement that we were expecting our 4th (and FINAL) child- our world has been a whirlwind. Emotional, excitement, fear, and anticipation.

As we enter into my final month and are down to less than a handful of weeks left before our little one is here. Looking back over the last 8 months I cannot believe we are here!

This pregnancy, though pretty uneventful, has been rough. I’m not going to lie. I do not have easy pregnancies. I get so sick… like the smell of water makes me want to vomit when my stomach is already empty, because I can’t eat or drink anything!!!

Pregnancy for me isn’t one of those “this is so beautiful and magical” stages in life… its more like “is it over yet?”. And its not because I am ungrateful (so put your pitch forks and torches away) its because its hard for me. Every woman’s experience is different. Some never get sick and have all of the energy and look like those instagram perfect pregnant ladies…. meanwhile, I look like something that should live under a bridge and give people riddles so they can cross, while constantly throwing up and not being able to keep my eyes open. Its just not enjoyable for me. Not one second of it. And if you know me in real life- you will know that it’s true.

But, thankfully through the 9 months of literal misery I have my super supportive husband and my older girls like to help where they can. I don’t get the weird middle of the night cravings. Or really any at all. Though, when I do want something he makes sure he finds it- even if it means he has to go to 4 different stores.

As this journey comes to an end and this chapter of our lives closes- I will be forever grateful for my 4 beautiful daughters. For the chance to bring them into this world. I am grateful that my body was able  to what it was made to do.

Will I miss it? Maybe here and there… but I really doubt it.

So, if you dont hear from me for awhile on here. Or I “fall off the grid” just know I am spending the last few weeks taking in this pregnancy and the time with my family before our little Freyja makes her arrival……

And yes, I am sure I will be posting about that too.. So many people have been asking about our home birth choice and are curious about it. I will share it when I am ready and recovered.

Until then- thank you all for the support and reaching out to me during these last few months. I appreciate it.

I cant wait to show her off to everyone!!








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