Let me start this out with a disclaimer these are not engagement or elopement photos!! ok, Now that that is out of the way…. my best friend and her boyfriend decided to go on vacation this last week…. We jokingly were like “I should come along and take pictures!!’ Wellllllll……. that joke turned into a […]

I know I’ve said it before and I will say it again.. my job has me meet the coolest people!! and also manages to bring people back into my life. I grew up with Abbi and her sisters… I used to babysit them all. (Yes, I am currently feeling old AF….. thanks.) Abbi and Marisol […]

    Its been a minute. Buttttt, I’ve been a little busy with just having my 4th baby and it being wedding season and all. However, I wanted to take a second and say “HI”. That way you or anyone at your wedding will know who I am and who they are working with!! Plus, […]

Its been almost a month since our little Freyja made her long and over due arrival. I’ll be perfectly honest with you- I am SO glad I am not ever going to be pregnant again!! Not that I am not grateful for the ability to conceive and have children… my pregnancies are just hard and […]